September 24, 2019.   A luncheon seminar (in Japanese) will be given by Rigaku Corporation at Venue-L in lunch break time on September 28. Numbered tickets for the luncheon seminar (100 seats are available) will be given out from 9:00 at an information desk near Venue-IV (not at the Registration Desk).

September 10, 2019.   Symposium Program (a provisional version) can be downloaded from the Program Page.

August 9, 2019.   Abstract Submission and Early Bird Registration are now unavailable. The Abstract Book is in preparation.

July 16, 2019.   Abstract Submission is available in the Presentation Page.

June 29, 2019.   The deadline for the application of oral presentation was changed into July 5, 2019. (The application is now unavailable.)

May 8, 2019.   Webpages of Participant Registration (Early Bird) and Presentation Application are opened.

April 4, 2019.   The website of TEAC2019 (The 63rd Symposium on the Chemistry of Terpenes, Essential Oils and Aromatics) was started.

The 63rd Symposium on the Chemistry of Terpenes, Essential Oils and Aromatics

Organized by: Symposium on the Chemistry of Terpenes, Essential Oils and Aromatics
Co-organized by: The Chemical Society of Japan; The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan; The Japanese Society of Pharmacognosy; Akita University; Graduate School of Engineering Science, Akita University
Supported by: The Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry; Japan Oil Chemists' Society; The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan; Akita Prefecture; Akita City; Akita City Board of Education; Akita Tourism Federation

Special Lectures

1. Synthetic Studies on Strophastane-type Steroids
  Shigefumi Kuwahara (Tohoku University)

2. Interim-Results Report by the President with a Background in Science
  Shuichi Hayashi (Nagaoka Co., Ltd.)

3. History of Mining Technology in Akita by Understanding the Mining Pictures
  Tadao Imai (Akita University)

Plenary Lectures

1. Catalytic Bond Formation Reaction Using Allylpalladium
  Takashi Mino (Chiba University)

2. Chemical Composition and Biological Activity of Citrus jabara
  Yoshiharu Okuno (Natl. Inst. Technol., Wakayama Coll.)

3. Identification of Novel Odor-active Compounds in Natural Products
  Akira Nakanishi (T.Hasegawa Co., Ltd.)


September 28-30, 2019

Symposium Topics

A. Essential Oil Chemistry
B. Terpenoid Chemistry
C. Biological Chemistry
D. Flavor and Fragrance Science

Application of Oral Presentation: July 5, 2019 (changed)
Abstract Submission: August 9, 2019
Early Registration Payment: August 9, 2019


Akita University (Tegata Campus)
1-1 Tegatagakuen-machi, Akita 010-8502, Japan

Registration Fee (including 1 Abstract Book)

Regular Participants: 9,500 JPY (Late Registration)
Irregular Participants: 10,000 JPY (Late Registration)
Students: 8,500 JPY (Late Registration)


September 29, 2019
9,000 JPY (Late Registration)

Akita Castle Hotel
1-3-5 Naka-dori, Akita 010-0001, Japan
TEL. 018-834-1141


One-day trip to the Oga Peninsula, the place of Namahage deities
September 30, 2019
8,000 JPY (Late Registration)

Registration Desk

Chairman: Takeshi Gotoh
Graduate School of Engineering Science, Akita University
1-1 Tegatagakuen-machi, Akita 010-8502, Japan