International Jornal of the Society of Materials Engineering for Resources 

Vol.21 No.1/2 (March 2016)



Anion Recognition of 2,3-Disubstituted Cyclodextrin Derivatives in a Mixed Solvent of Acetnitrile and Water (abstract)

Nobuyuki KARUBE and Kazuaki ITO
…… 1
Visualization of Ultrasound Propagation in the Glass with a Crack Possessing Residual Inner Stress (abstract)  
  Kazuhiko IMANO and Yoshito HOSAKA
…… 7
Development of a New Bonded Abrasive Diamond Tool (abstract)  
  Hikari Tanaka, Yuta SHIINA, Masanobu NAKATSU and Osamu KAMIYA
…… 11
Development of a Data Transmission Method using a Hybrid Signal Generated by Analog and Digital Signals (abstract)  
  Tsuyohi TAKAHASHI, Makoto NISHIDA and Yoichi KAGEYAMA
…… 16