Updated 4/2/2001


October 11 (Thursday) - 13 (Saturday), 2001
Akita View Hotel, Akita City, Akita Pref., Japan


Organized by:
The Society of Materials Engineering for Resources of Japan,
 Faculty of Engineering and Resource Science, Akita University
The Research Institute of Materials and Resources, Faculty of Engineering and Resource Science, Akita University



The conference receives the main idea of the first 1991 conference: Beneficial integration of separate ideas in the various and traditional engineering fields into a new concept which could provide a promising view in the coming 21st century.

In the fourth conference, the following topics are included in the special six sessions:

(1) New Recycling System - Rare Metal Utilization, Advanced Materials for Sensors and Information Storage, and Design for Recycling System.
(2) Processing and Characterization of Functional Materials
(3) Construction Materials for Sustainable Development.
(4) Concrete - Environmental Conscious Material (Tokuda Symposium).
(5) Co-operative Policies for Relevant Environment and Resource Systems in the Far East.
(6) Computer Engineering and Materials Engineering for Resources.

In 1991, the heritage of resource-research community enabled Akita to be the place for the first international conference on materials engineering for resources (ICMR'91 Akita). It aimed at re-examination of separate ideas in the traditional engineering fields from resources to electronics, and directed our efforts integration into a new concept which would give perspective from electronic, atomic, and molecular to electrical and mechanical properties. Since then, the second (1994) celebrated an establishment of the new PhD program in Mining College, and the third (1998) also commemorated the new faculty of Engineering and Resource Science rearranged from Mining College.

Topics listed above are indicative. Authors are allowed to submit papers also on other topics related to the main purpose of the conference. Accepted communications will be presented in poster form. Proceedings should be prepared. After discussion at the conference, authors are encouraged to submit papers as original ones through regular review process in a special volume of international Journal of The Society of Materials Engineering for Resources.


Preparation of the Camera-Ready Manuscrit
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Inquiries should be addressed to

Chairperson of Executive Committee Prof. Takuo Sugawara,
SMERJ c/o Faculty of Engineering and Resource Science, Akita University
Akita, 010-8502 JAPAN
Fax: +81-18-889-2748