ICMR2021 AKITA Call for Papers

The Ninth 
International Conference on Materials Engineering for Resources

        Date: October 21Thu ― 22Fri, 2021
        Venue: Akita View Hotel, Akita City
           Organized: The Society of Materials Engineering for Resources of Japan

   The Ninth International Conference on Materials Engineering for Resources (ICMR2021 AKITA) will be held at the Akita View Hotel in Akita City for two days from October 21st (Thursday) to 22nd (Friday), 2021.  
   Since the first international conference was held in 1991, it has been a place to discuss the latest research results for materials engineering for resources related to chemistry, materials, electricity, machinery research and design, and life sciences. By dealing with thesewide-ranging fields, we believe that there is academic significance in trying to clarify the engineering role that future materials and their properties will play.
   At the 9th conference, while following the principles of this international conference so far, in view of the situation reign researchers will be invited to present under the themes below. In addition to the invited lectures, we will have oral presentations and poster presentations from a wide range of researchers, including graduate students.
  We will call for presentations on the following five themes related to materials.
  After the conference, full papers adapted from full abstracts can be submitted as original papers for a special issue of the
“International Journal of the Society of Materials Engineering for Resources”

 1 Strategies for Environment, Resources, Recycling, and Energy
 2 Materials and Intelligent Technologies in Super-Smart Society
 3 Biomaterials and Nanotechnology
 4 Processing and Characterization of Functional Materials
 5 Engineering Materials for Sustainable Development
The technical program consists of three kinds of sessions:
◆Invited invited lectures: 40-min lecture including 5 min discussion.
◆Oral presentation: 20-min lecture
including 5 min discussion.
◆Poster presentation with short speech: 3-min lecture followed by poster discussins

The official language of the conference is English

Two awards for outstanding contribution will be awarded by the awards committee.
Materials Engineering for Resurces International Award
Exellent Paper
Award for presentations
Oral presentation and Poster presentation applicant

March 31, 2021submission of abstract

    Submit abstract (around 200 words) including title, name(s) of author(s),
    affiliation (with full address, telephone/facsimile number, and e-mail address),
    the theme area, and three keywords.

    Please fill out the application form.

   Application form ( Excel )

April 30, 2021notification of acceptance for presentation
 June middle
June 30, 2021submission of full abstract(2 pages A4)
 August early
     Format of a camera-ready full abustract from here ( Word )

Application form
incl. abstract(200 words)and Full abstract(2pages A4) Should be sent by E-mail to
  Prof. Mitsutoshi Jikei
  Chairperson of Program Committee ICMR2021
  E-mail: icmr@gipc.akita-u.ac.jp

Full abstract collection can be downloaded from the homepage during the conference (password distributed separately).

Depending on the COVID-19 situation, the conference may be online.
Registration Fee Regular   ¥ 30,000
  Student    ¥ 10,000
Banquet Fee
Regular    ¥ 10,000
    Student   ¥ 15,000 

Payment method is under construction

Honorary ChairpersonsN. Yoshimura (Former Akita Univ.), F. Hamada (VIT Univ.(India))    

General ChairpersonA. Shibayama (Chairman of SMER JAPAN, Akita Univ.)

Executive Committee ChairpersonM. Jikei (Akita Univ.)

Finance Committee ChairpersonM. Jikei (Akita Univ.)

Program Committee ChairpersonM. Jikei (Akita Univ.)

Steering Committee ChairpersonS. Kumagai (Akita Univ.)

Awards Committee ChairpersonS. Shibayama (Akita Univ.)

Committee Members
    A. Andrea (Akita Univ.), Y. Enokido (TDK), H. Fujii (Akita Univ.), T. Fujita (Guangxi
, T. Gotoh (Akita Univ.), K. Haga (Akita Univ.),
M. Hosaka (Akita Pref.
    Univ.), H. Iizuka (Yamagata Univ.), N. Iki (Tohoku Univ.),
K. Imano (Akita Univ.),
    S. Kagaya (DOWA Holdings), Y. Kageyama (Akita Univ.),
O. Kamiya (Akita Univ.),
    S. Kato (Akita Univ.), Y. Kawamura (Akita Univ.),
K. Mitobe (Akita Univ.),
    M. Muraoka (Akita Univ.), K. Murata (Nippon koki),
S. Naganawa (Akita Univ.),
    A. Nakamura (Mitsubishi Materials Electonic Chemicals),
Y. Ohta (Former Fukuoka
    Inst. of Tech.), M. Nishimura (Mitsubishi Materials),
K. Ohto (Saga Univ.),
    H. Saito (Akita Univ.), T. Shindo (Akita Univ.), K. Tajima (Akita Univ.),
M. Tago (Akita
    Univ.), H. Takahashi (Tohoku Univ.), R. Togashi (Akita
Zinc), T. Wajima (Chiba Univ.),
    A. Yamamura (Akita. Univ.), Y. Watanabe (Akita. Univ.),
S. Yoshimura (Akita Univ.)

  Akita is linked to Haneda by nine domestic flights from Haneda per day. All Nippon Airways has five flights, Japan Air Lines has four - each takes about an hour to Akita. Osaka, Nagoya, and Sapporo are also connected to Akita Airport by several flights per day. An enjoyable train connection is also available using the "Super Komachi" bullet train from Tokyo Station, which takes four hours.

  Inquiries should be addressed to
     ICMR2021 AKITA Programming Committee
     The Society of Materials Engineering for Resources of JAPAN
     c/o Akita University, Akita, 010-8502 JAPAN
     E-mail : icmr@gipc.akita-u.ac.jp